We always bring the best team to the job.

Eric Cavanaugh, President

Eric Cavanaugh

Nearly twenty-seven years ago my father founded James Company.

Throughout the years, he developed deep, long-lasting relationships with his customers; many of whom became personal friends. As a young man in the industry, I watched and learned as time and time again he would pour his heart and soul into the projects that he had been blessed with. As challenges would arise, he would conquer them with creativity, will power, and the amazing subcontract and employee resources he had on his team. He would constantly preach that finishing strong was the key to a good project – and finish strong he did. 

In 2016, I was presented with the opportunity to buy James Company. With the goal to carry on the legacy my Dad created, and to instill my own vision into the business. Because of this goal, James Company has thrived as a boutique, commercial general contractor. Our mission is to provide PRICE, PERFORMANCE, and SERVICE on every project. Many contractors can deliver on two of these, but only a few can deliver on all three. James Company uses a unique, yet sophisticated way to manage projects. Combined with the abundance of talent on our team, we can deliver on all three every time.